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I'm yOur uLtiMate dEsire...
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i'm jUst an OrdiNary GurL with A ComPliCateD life i'M jAsMine wOng a 23 yEar oLd sTudEnt... BoRedom is My WeAknEss i cAN easiLy Get MaD whEn i'M BorEd THat's Why ThEy Call Me hOtShot!" i'M NoT a SnoB tyPe!! but I LooK LiKe oNe bUT to Make It SimPLe.. that's ThE WAy I Look At Yah.. mWaaaHH i LoVe siNgiNg no mattEr WheRe i Am, I AlwAys SiNg that'S WhY i Call mahselF a "wAlkiN' RaDio"~:P i also LoVe tO paiNt... thAt's ol i Can Say,,..4 NoW now,,enough of those ThInGs letZ talk AbouT THe "iNsiDE" of Me i'M SweeT,KiNd and FrIenDly a verY vEry LoVinG PerSon

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Age 35 years old 20 - 50 yrs old
Location Seattle,Washington,United States
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality United States
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Religion Christian � Other
Education level
Profession Other

What I'm looking for

i'M lOoKinG fOr sOmEone thAt could sHare mE sOmeThiNg iN hiS lifE... a pErsOn whO cAn mAke mE sinG my favoRite sOng... i wAnt soMeoNe whO cAn lEan me a piece of hiS tiMe... sOmeoNe with a loVing heArt tHat cAn wArm mY cOld and loNely woRld... sOmeonE tHat cAn briNg me ligHt through my dArkest hour... a frIendly, kind and a heLpful perSon is mUch beTteR fOr me tO gO wiTh...
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